Original Sprout

We carry Original Sprout

No parabens,nanoparticles,Lavender,Tea Tree,Petroleum Oils Musk, Propylene Glycol,Sulfates,Gluten,Soy or Dairy

This product line includes: Natural Shampoo,Hair & Body Wash, Deep condition, Leave -In conditioner, Scrumptious Baby Cream, Curl calmer, Natural Hair Gel, Natural Styling Balm.

Nail Products

Piggy Paint 

  • Natural as Mud
  • Non-Toxic
  • Odorless
  • Kid-friendly

This product includes: Nail polish, Nail polish remover, top & base coat.

The Inverness®

The Inverness® 2000 ear piercing system is one of the safest, most advanced, sterile ear piercing systems available in the market. Its unique, medically-hygienic system pierces ears by using a 3 Easy Step System: Cleanse, Mark, and Pierce. The Inverness® 2000 includes safety features, such as the 100% earring encapsulation, that protects against cross contamination prior to piercing.
Inverness’ patented Safety Back™ is specially designed to prevent the backing piece from being squeezed too tightly to the back of the ear. This technique encourages safer healing by allowing proper air flow while the piercing heals.
Inverness® considers the Ear Piercing Aftercare just as important as the piercing process. Inverness’ Ear Care Antiseptic is specially formulated to help soothe and heal new pierced ears preventing the drying or chapping that may result from using traditional rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
With over 40 years in the industry, the Inverness® 2000 piercing system is a registered FDA class 1 medical device. The medical grade earrings are also manufactured in the United States.
Inverness’ commitment to safety includes: peace of mind ear piercing, after care instructions, and clients’ trust for the special moments in life.

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